スーサイド マウス

Sunday Night Suicide (FNF Suicide Mouse Mod DEMO) [Friday Night Funkin'] [Mods]

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Vs. Mouse

実際にアニメーションで見てみると、ちょっと不気味ですよね。 。 日本では未放送の回らしいんですが、気になりますね。 この「イカルドの自殺」という回はアニメ会社に見学に来た大学生とインターンでアニメ制作会社に来たという2人の人が見つけた 未放送の回という設定になっています。 しかし、実際にイカルドの目が真っ赤に充血した映像が地上波で流れているらしいんです。

suicide mouse

suicide mouse" title="マウス スーサイド">
Viewer discretion is advised! Reason: The SuicideMouse. We here at the Funkipedia Mods Wiki and the Friday Night Funkin' Community highly advise that anyone who finds themselves in this situation スーサイド マウス mental and psychological help from a mental health professional and call the In the mod itself, Mickey suffers a progressive descent into insanity, and eventually, suicide, as the mod progresses, changing his appearance in a grotesque manner that might unsettle some people. Randy Hilson's face and smile might possibly unsettle some people due to his facial proportions being eerily exaggerated. Not to mention all of the upcoming content of the mod, which is mostly inspired by scary Mickey Mouse media. Not to also mention that when Really Happy was released back during the V2 update, it allegedly caused a seizure to a player and sent them to the hospital. Major Spoilers Ahead! You can't just go around casually mentioning Sunday Night Suicide you f- - This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself! Reason: The general story スーサイド マウス the mod is included in this page. So to avoid spoilers, please click Large Page Oh, what's that? Sorry punk, couldn't hear ya. You see, if you haven't noticed already, I've only got one good ear. Please proceed with caution. Reason: This page contains nearly 100K bytes of information! Upcoming Content Ahh, Sunday Night Suicide. These are the utmost grand of days! This is going to be so, so.! - This mod has upcoming content that is confirmed to be in development, either confirmed on a livestream, a tweet, or any other verified source of information! This article likely has placeholder content. Please refrain from adding any false or unconfirmed information. Remember to stay patient with the mod creator s and don't repeatedly ask them when the next update will スーサイド マウス, since mods take time to make. Upcoming: Despite The Mayz deleting his original YouTube channel and スーサイド マウス the FNF community, the ownership of the mod was passed to Shipy. This mod is based off of the infamous Plot Current Mickey Mouse, one of the biggest and most recognizable people in the world, unfortunately let fame get to his head. This caused him to develop a God complex and treat everyone around him terribly. He was a terrible friend and husband until it was all stripped away from him and eventually abandoned because of how he treated everyone around him. It eventually ruined his career as well. He dwelled in it for a while, the sudden shift of the things around him made it hard for him to cope, so he turned to some form of drug to make him feel something. After purchasing an overdosing amount one day, he goes on a long stroll home and runs into a Blue Haired Man with his Girlfriend, who comes up to him as a fan and the mod begins. Plot Old Mickey Mouse was living his life as normal. Until one fateful week, after losing everything and everyone who loved, he decides to buy a syringe with a liquid polonium substance and takes a walk, thinking in what he will do now; his final decision is to commit suicide. However one part of his mind delay this action. While he was walking, he steps in a button probably the one who turns one the speakers of GF and the Unhappy. After Unhappy ends, Mickey becomes slightly insane, since the song スーサイド マウス the one that he sang to children while he was depressed and lonely. Mickey asks BF if he wants to sing another one. GF questions his behavior, but BF sings スーサイド マウス, Happy then, starts to play. In the middle of the song, Mickey really turns insane and laughs loudly, however, Boyfriend doesn't seem scared and likes the "challenge". After Happy ends, the now-demonic Mickey stares at Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who both look unusually calm in spite of the circumstances, Mickey takes his hands out of his pockets and lets out another small scream while his head twitches, he then holds his head スーサイド マウス his hands, Boyfriend and Girlfriend both make expressions of fear, with Boyfriend looking almost angry, and Girlfriend looking worried. Mickey looks down while a shadow crosses over his スーサイド マウス and muffled screaming starts playing, he folds his ears over his head and subtly shakes as his smile gets even wider than before, he lets out a sound that can only be described as a loud nonsensical scream, He transfers to his Really Happy form, BF and GF both look shocked. BF momentarily regains his composure while ear-piercing screams continue in the background. After the events of Really Happy, the lines between the timelines start blurring. Mickey is sucked by a portal who appears below him. The attraction of the portal brings BF and GF too. Mickey turns back into normal, but he is mad with the portal, since he fell headfirst to the floor. A silhouette appears in front of Mickey and he makes a confuse expression. Alternative Mickey Mouse appears, with a big smile. Boyfriend, instead of appearing in the same place as Mickey, appears behind of Alternative. He tells Alt to sing with him and not fight with Mickey. Smile starts. Plot Current November 18th, 1928, the beginning of it all. It was a rough time accustoming himself to a new language, he had a clear accent and the man in charge disliked it. No matter how much effort, no matter what he would do, Walt always had his scenes voiced over. The dislike for how he sounded also played into his life around him, the actors he knew would ridicule him and treat him like shit for many reasons: be it his accent or facial deformities, but they were all he had in life. It was hard but he was content with the life he lived as he was able to pay his life necessities. But one day, it all began to crumble, everyone he knew began to ignore him and leave him, he was never contacted by Walt スーサイド マウス anytime he tried to confront in スーサイド マウス he was escorted away. Smile eventually gave up and accepted how his life was, he went for a stroll for a few minutes to clear his head… but minutes became hours, hours became days, days became weeks. And all he did was walk, his facial deformities got worse over time, his smile extending further and his eyes melting off his face due to not taking any treatments for it. Plot Old This version of Suicide Mouse shares the same old story with the original, but with a couple of changes: Minnie still cheated on him, but with Mortimer instead of Pete. Goofy and Donald grew apart from Alt and moved on to Mortimer and even Pluto ran away with him. After various attempts to commit suicide, he takes a walk to collect himself. It is unknown whether he actually kills himself but what we do know is that he takes a slow descent into insanity. Plot "Reports are spreading of a deadly force - referred to with the nickname "W. K" - causing a disturbance in people's lives, this entity feasts on the emotionally weak and extorts them for its own good, eventually colliding their reality with alternate universes and making them almost unrecognizable for who they originally were, leaving them as a mess of multiple different versions of themselves. Most of it is unknown aside from one thing: it has a weakness. if neutralized, it will kill it off but take the person out with it. This is our only defense until further research is put into this case. End communication. "After further research was put into the entity, its appearance seems to be similar to the infamous Mickey Mouse. " "It was scary, y'know? An instantly recognizable character right in front of スーサイド マウス but we could barely see it. " -a worker's testimony. " "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, our fellow Disney character who had retired many years ago out of his job, decided to help with this investigation, what he didn't know is that he may be faced with a hard choice between his heart and his mind. " "We have gone with the name 'Weakened Mouse' for this entity, and we will continue our research from here. end communication. Instead, it returned to Mickey walking down the street, and the piano sounds were replaced by a faint murmur. As the cartoon went on, the murmur evolved into a gurgling cry, the sidewalk began to go in directions that seemed simply impossible based on the physics of Mickey's walking, the buildings slowly became more destroyed and crumbled, but most importantly, Mickey's dismal face began to slowly curl into a smirk, and later on, a big wide smile. As the cartoon approached its ending, however, despair would ensue. His eyes squirmed down the bottom of his chin like a goopy liquid, and his already grimacing smile began to point upward on the left side of his face, growing above his head. All this madness スーサイド マウス Maltin to the point where he had to leave the room, sending an employee to finish watching the cartoon, take notes of everything that happened up until the last second and store the disc into a vault. The cartoon lasted for eight whole minutes before abruptly cutting to the Mickey Mouse credits face at the end, along with what sounded like a broken music box playing in the background for about 30 seconds. avi, is the main protagonist of his Unhappy, Happy and Really Happy. Appearance Mickey's appearance resembles the design used in earlier shorts of the character from the 1930's and so forth; He appears with a monochromatic color scheme, matching the aesthetic of old cartoons. He has a slim, yet circular body, which gives him dimension in his design. His face appears white while the rest of his head and body is covered in black fur. He has big circular ears that always appear in a specific position in his head, regardless of which way he is facing. His eyes consists of black oval dots that stand vertically. スーサイド マウス has a protruding snout right above his mouth, sharing space with his eyes. At the tip of his snout, lies his tiny black nose. He has a large, thin tail in his back side due to being a mouse. His entirely white clothing consists of round shorts with 2 buttons on the front and 2 on the back, large round shoes, and finally, white gloves with 4 fingers in each hand. In Unhappy, Mickey maintains a dismal frown and seems to have a small bag under his right eye. Both of his hands are in his pockets, and he apparently seems to be slouching. He shows an expression of nervousness and regret, which is noticeably different from his usual happy demeanor. In the first half of Happy, he still maintains his previous appearance, with the exception of a creepy smile, which seems to indicate his mood has gone up, when in reality, his sanity has merely decreased. In the second half, however, Mickey finally snaps. He begins shaking and twitching uncontrollably. His eyes swell a little bit and turn white like his face. His eyebrows shoot up, and most importantly, his smile evolves into a maniacal, almost angry looking grimace. Not to mention his jawline stretching far beyond what should be anatomically possible. During Really Happy, Mickey starts mentally breaking down. his white eyes become enveloped in a black shadow as the white part of his forehead wrinkles and folds down to his eyes. His teeth rot and turn black. Both of his hands are out of his pockets and he still shakes uncontrollably. When he screams at the end, his eyes will become hollow black with black blood under his eyebags, and his teeth are completely broken and busted, and his head will twist frantically. Trivia• Suicide Mouse's icons have a similar layout to• This pattern stops with Really Happy. Suicide Mouse is the seventh enemy to laugh briefly in the middle of his song. The first are• The mod's thumbnail displays Mickey with a significantly different appearance from the one in the mod. He holds a bloody knife, despite him never having it in the mod, and his eyes have a shade of gray in them. In the release trailer of the mod, Mickey tries to stab himself with a syringe, which is something that actually happens in Gorix's video. Furthermore, multiple contradicting things happen during the release trailer that do not line up with any current point in the story: Boyfriend appears to bump into Mickey instead of the other way around, Mickey appears to be in front of a completely different building and he transforms into a different form compared to the one in-game resembling the scrapped 4th Phase seen in the Artwork Gallery below. Mickey's laughter in Happy is sampled directly from David Near's• In Mickey's current design, he lacks a tail due to having ripped it off in a panic attack. But this has now been retconned. Suicide Mouse is one of the few mod antagonists to undergo a transformation mid-song, with another example being Daisy from the• Mickey used to be asexual, but nowadays, his sexuality is up to the player. Originally, the substance in Mickey's syringe used to be Liquid• Mickey isn't exactly mad at BF, he's just trying to wear himself out in スーサイド マウス to die faster. His design in Really Psychotic was inspired by• If Mickey is ever confused in a situation, a question mark just appears next to his head. Additionally everyone can see it too. Sunny is an alcoholic and loves to chug gasoline. Sunny is suicidal because he got• Sunny snorts cocaine to be as fast as Sonic. Sunny prays every morning asking for forgiveness about what happened with TheMayz. Sunny and• Sunny has no dick. Sunny definitely loves all other mice! If this Suicide Mouse and Gallery.。 。 。 。 。


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空にはキノコ雲が出てくる。 7:20~7:39 女性の悲鳴が荒々しくなり、ミッキーマウスの顔が一気に暗くなる。 6:37~6:38 謎の機械音声。 8:43~9:03 女性の悲鳴が止まり、別のBGMになる。

  1. アミノ酸は、18種を収載した。その内訳は、体内で合成されないか又は十分に合成されない必須アミノ酸として、イソロイシン、ロイシン、リシン(リジン)、含硫アミノ酸(メチオニン、シスチン)、芳香族アミノ酸(フェニルアラニン、チロシン)、トレオニン(スレオニン)、トリプトファン、バリン、ヒスチジン、その他のアミノ酸としてアルギニン、アラニン、アスパラギン酸、グルタミン酸、グリシン、プロリン、セリンである。このほか、魚介類及び肉類についてはヒドロキシプロリンを収載した。
    表7 収載したアミノ酸
    和 名 英 名 記 号
    イソロイシン Isoleucine Ile
    ロイシン Leucine Leu
    リシン(リジン) Lysine Lys
    メチオニン Methionine Met
    シスチン Cystine Cys
    フェニルアラニン Phenylalanine Phe
    チロシン Tyrosine Tyr
    トレオニン(スレオニン) Threonine Thr
    トリプトファン Tryptophan Trp
    バリン Valine Val
    ヒスチジン Histidine His
    アルギニン Arginine Arg
    アラニン Alanine Ala
    アスパラギン酸 Aspartic acid Asp
    グルタミン酸 Glutamic acid Glu
    グリシン Glycine Gly
    プロリン Proline Pro
    セリン Serine Ser
    ヒドロキシプロリン Hydroxyproline Hyp
    含硫アミノ酸 sulfur-containing amino acids SAA
    芳香族アミノ酸 aromatic amino acids AAA
  2. アミノ酸の配列は、はじめに必須アミノ酸、次に非必須アミノ酸とし、それぞれ原則として英名によるアルファベット順とした。なお、メチオニンとフェニルアラニンは、栄養的にはその一部をそれぞれシスチンとチロシンで置き替えることができるので、メチオニンの次にシスチン、フェニルアラニンの次にチロシンとした。また、アルギニンは、動物の種類によっては必須アミノ酸であったり、必須アミノ酸に準ずるものであったりするので、他の非必須アミノ酸と対照できるよう、必須アミノ酸と非必須アミノ酸の間に配列した。
  3. 酸の測定方法の概要は表8のとおりである。
    表8 アミノ酸の測定方法の概要
    対象アミノ酸 項目 概要
    一般のアミノ酸* ヒドロキシプロリン アンモニア 定量法 カラムクロマトグラフ法(アミノ酸自動分析計使用)
    加水分解条件 6 mol/L塩酸(0.04 % 2-メルカプトエタノール含有)
    100 ℃,24時間
    6 mol/L塩酸(0.04 % 2-メルカプトエタノール含有)
    110 ℃,24時間
    シスチン メチオニン 定量法 カラムクロマトグラフ法(アミノ酸自動分析計使用)
    加水分解条件 過ギ酸酸化後
    6 mol/ L塩酸(0.04% 2-メルカプトエタノール含有)
    150 ℃,20時間
    6 mol/L塩酸
    130~140 ℃,20時間
    トリプトファン 定量法 高速液体クロマトグラフ法
    加水分解条件 水酸化バリウム(チオジエチレングリコール含有)
    110 ℃,12時間
    * イソロイシン、ロイシン、リシン(リジン)、フェニルアラニン、チロシン、トレオニン(スレオニン)、バリン、ヒスチジン、アルギニン、アラニン、アスパラギン酸、グルタミン酸、グリシン、プロリン、セリン

「日本食品標準成分表準拠 アミノ酸成分表2015」 数値の表示方法
項 目 単位 最小表示の位 数値の丸め方等
水分 g 小数第1位 小数第2位を四捨五入
各アミノ酸 mg 整数表示